Electrical Coordination Study

Experienced in field of system study and propose suitable solution for the electrical system, will provide comprehensive study carried out on manual / software calculation based on the project specification and data.

The objective of a protection scheme in a power system is to minimize hazards to personnel and equipment while allowing the least disruption of power service. Coordination studies are required to select or verify the clearing characteristics of devices such as fuses, circuit breakers, and relays used in the protection scheme.

The goal is to achieve an optimum balance between equipment protection and selective fault isolation that is consistent with the operating requirements of the overall power system.

Short-circuit calculations are prerequisite for a coordination study. Short-circuit results establish minimum and maximum current levels at which coordination must be achieved that aid in setting or selecting the devices for adequate protection.

When facilities are changed or upgraded, it is necessary to revisit the existing protection scheme to determine if change is needed to be made to ensure that devices are coordinated properly. A change in load or equipment could change the timing and coordination of the protective devices.